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2007 Changes

AutoComplete for Autotext has been removed
The Autocomplete tip that displays after typing the first few characters of the AutoText entry has been removed
Autocomplete is still available for current system date , months and days of the week.

The AutoText functionality has been replaced with Quick Parts. Instead of creating AutoText entries, you would create Quick Parts for any frequently used document content such as a paragraph, logos, graphics, specifically formatted headers or footers, or standard tables.
Quick Parts is new to Microsoft Word 2007. It allows you to add preformatted portions of text. The portions of text can be reused as many times as you like. Quick Parts can save you a lot of time when you're creating your documents.
For example, you can use Quick Parts to insert fields from Document Properties. You can also insert a cover page, footers with page numbers, tables, watermarks, and more.

These are items within a document that you save using the Quick Parts tool to be reused

AutoText Toolbar

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