This feature is used to store re-usable formatted text or pictures and allows you to insert them quickly
You can also insert pictures and other graphics
This feature can be used to insert pictures, select the picture and choose (Edit > AutoText) select your name and press Insert
You can insert your entries with a single click if you assign custom entries to have individual buttons on your toolbar. (Tools > Customise)(Commands tab). Locate and click AutoText. Locate your particular entry and drag the button to your chosen toolbar
To Insert an autotext entry, type the name and then press F3.

When you are typing away a yellow tool tip appears above the text you are typing, offering to complete a word or phrase. If you hit the Tab key once the tool tip appears then Word will automatically complete the word or phrase for you
Autotext saves text and graphics that are used repeatedly in a glossary of named items - useful for special terms or common paragraphs.
You can easily remove entries (Insert > AutoText) (AutoText tab) click an entry and press Delete
As you type Word will try and recognise common text for you such as days of the week etc. Word will guess the completed word and display it in a small box above your typing. To accept the word press the tab key.
There is an option here called "Autoformat as you type" which is used with tables and means that you can create tables using the plus signs and dashes notation. When you press Enter at the end of the line you table is converted to a single row.


If you need to copy and paste a lot of text between two documents, then it is probably worth using a spike. This will remove the tedious copy/switch/paste/return operations. The Spike feature allows you to accumulate text (or other) entries by appending the newly copied item to the end of the previous entry. To activate the spike feature, instead of pressing Ctrl + "C", press Ctrl + F3. Press Ctrl + Shift + F3 to paste the accumulated items.
It is important to be aware that using the spike feature actually cuts the items (and not copies them), so make sure that you save the original file before starting.
A spike is a special Auto text entry that stores multiple items that you have deleted. Word appends one item to another until you paste the contents as a group in a new location.
Append each item to the spike (Ctrl + F3). To insert the contents and empty the spike (Ctrl + Shift + F3). To insert the contents of the spike withough emptying the spike (Insert > Autotext) ( Click Autotext, and select spike from the Enter Autotext entries and select Insert.
The spike can be used to move text and graphics from non adjacent locations within a document.

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