2013 Changes

Font Group - "Change Case" moved to the top
Font Group - "Text Effects" added
Font Group - "Typography" added
Styles Group - "Change Styles" drop-down removed and moved to a new Design Tab
Editing Group - "Selection Pane" added

Illustrations Group - "Clip Art" removed
Illustrations Group - "Online Pictures" added
Illustrations Group - "Screenshot" added
Apps Group - new group added
Media Group - new group "Online Video" added
Comments Group - new group added

Document Formatting Group - added
Page Background Group

Themes Group - removed
Page Background Group - removed
Arrange Group - "Text Wrapping" renamed to "Wrap Text"
Arrange Group - "Selection Pane" added

Views Group - "Full Screen Reading" changed to "Read Mode"
Show Group - "Message Bar" removed
Show Group - "Document Map" removed
Show Group - "Thumbnails" removed

2010 Changes

2003 - Toolbars & Menus2007 - Ribbon2010 - Ribbon
(File > Versions) (File > Info > Manage Versions)
(File > File Search)removed 
(File > Properties) (File > Info > ??)
(Edit > Office Clipboard)(Home tab, Clipboard) 
(Edit > Set All)(Home tab, Editing, Select) 
(Edit > GoTo)(Home tab, Editing, Find) 
(View > Document Map)(View tab, Navigation Pane) 
(View > Thumbnails) can be added from customise
(View > Markup)(Review tab, Show Markup) 
(View > Full Screen)(View tab, Full Screen Reading) 
(Insert > Object)(Insert tab, Object) 
(Insert > Date and Time)(Insert tab, Date & Time) 
(Insert > Symbol)(Insert tab, Symbol 
(Insert > File)(Insert tab, Object, Text from File) 
(Tools > Unprotect Document) (File > Info > Protect Document)
(Tools > AutoCorrect Options) can be added from customise
(Tools > Shared Workspace)removed 
(Tools > Templates and Add-ins)(Developer tab, Document Template)(File > Options > Add-ins)
(Tools > Word Count)(Review tab, Proofing, WOrd Count) 
(Table > Table Autoformat)Table Tools tab, Design, table styles 

Clipboard Group - "Paste" The options from the smart tag have been added to the Paste drop-down menu. This includes: Use Destination Theme, Keep Source Formatting, Merge Formatting. Keep Text Only. The "Set Default Paste" option has also been added

Proofing Group - "Research" removed
Proofing Group - "Define" added
Proofing Group - "Translate" moved to the Language group
Proofing Group - "Translation ScreenTip" moved to the Language group
Language Group - new group
Comments Group - "Show Comments" added
Tracking Group - "Balloons" removed and moved to the Show Markup drop-down
Compare Group - "Show Source Documents" removed and moved to the Compare drop-down
Protect Group - "Block Authors" added
Protect Group - "Protect Document" changed to Restrict Editing

Overview of New Features
New Find functionality
Word Web Apps (IE 7 or later)
Word Automation Services - Allows developers to harness the full capabilities of Word on a server as part of SharePoint 2010. converting between doc types (doc to docx), converting to pdf and xps, updating fields
The Ribbon in 2010 takes up slightly less space than it did in 2007.

AutoText has been put back ???
AutoText Gallery is now available in the Quick Parts gallery

When equations are saved in word 97-2003 file format the equation is converted to an image.
If the file is saved back to 2010 then the equation will work as normal.

When smart art graphics are saved in word 07-2003 file format the graphic is converted to an image.
If the file is saved back to 2010 then the smart art graphic graphics as normal.

2007 Changes

Window/Orphan is switched on by default
New XML file formats (docx, dotx)
New charting and diagramming features include 3D shapes, transparency, drop shadows etc
Save time by using galleries for styles, table formats, list formats, graphical effects.

microsoft excel docs

Structure - Toggles the display of the XML Structure Task Pane
Schema - Displays the XML Schema tab on the Templates and Add-ins dialog box. Manage the XML Schema attached to this document or add a new schema.
Transformation - Toggles the display of the XML Document Task Pane
Expansion Packs - Displays the XML Expanstion Packs tab on the Templates and Add-ins dialog box. Manage the XML Expansion Packs attached to this document or attach a new expansion pack.

The following menu bar commands are no longer relevant and cannot be found in the new interface.

File > File Search
File > Send to > Routing Recipient - replaced with (Office > Send > Email)
File > Send to > ?? (as attachment) - replaced with group collaboration on SharePoint
File > Send to > ?? (for review) - replaced with group collaboration on SharePoint
View > Task Pane
View > Toolbars

Toolbar Commands
Forms Toolbar
The Lock button that was previously on the Forms toolbar is not visible by default but it can be added from the Customise dialog box

Auto Summarise removed as it was low use.
AutoComplete for AutoText - removed

Shortcut Menus commands
The following commands have been removed from the shortcut menus

You can hide the ribbon by using the arrow in the top right corner

Customisation - Easily customise the Ribbon - Create custom tabs and even customise built-in tabs

Version recovery feature allows you to recover draft versions of files that were closed without saving first.

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