Formatting Toolbar

This toolbar contains drop-down boxes and buttons to allow you to format the contents of the cells.

microsoft excel docs

Styles and Formatting - Displays the Styles and Formatting task pane, where you can reapply formatting easily, create styles, and select all text with the same formatting.
Style - Click the style you want to apply to the selected paragraphs. (Ctrl + Shift + S).
Font - Provides a list of all the available fonts (based on your current printer selection). (Ctrl + Shift + F).
Font Size - Lets you adjust the character size (based on your current font selection). (Ctrl + Shift + P).
Bold - Toggles bold on the current selection. (Ctrl + B).
Italic - Toggles italics on the current selection. (Ctrl + I).
Underline - Toggles underline on the current selection. (Ctrl + U).
Align Left - Aligns data to the left edge of the page or table. (Ctrl + L).
Centre - Aligns data in the centre of the page or table. (Ctrl + E).
Align Right - Aligns data to the right edge of the page or table. (Ctrl + R).
Justify - Aligns the selected paragraphs to both the left and right margins or indents. (Ctrl + J).
Line Spacing - Changes the spaces between the lines in your selected text. Select the number of lines you want or click More for additional choices.
Numbering - Adds numbers to or removes numbers from selected paragraphs.
Bullets - Adds bullets to or removes bullets from selected paragraphs.
Decrease Indent - Decreases or removes the indent.
Increase Indent - Increases the indent.
Borders - Adds or removes a border around the selected text, paragraphs, cells, pictures, or other object.
Highlight - Changes the colour behind the current selection. This is known as the Highlight Tool.
Font Colour - Changes the colour of the font of the current selection.

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