Office Button

This button appears in the top left corner of Word 2007.

New -
Open -
Convert - Converts to an Office Open XML file format.. This command is only available if you are working in compatibility mode. This will convert the document but it will not be saved. The next time you save the file it will default to saving as docx instead.
Save -
Close -

Save As

Word Document -
Word Template -
Word 97-2003 Document -
OpenDocument Text -
PDF or XPS -
Other Formats -



Properties - View and edit document properties.
Inspect Document - Check the document for hidden metadata or personal information.
Encrypt Document - Increase the security of the document by adding encryption.
Restrict Permission - Grant people access while restricting their ability to edit, copy and print.
Add a Digital Signature -
Mark as Final -
Run Compatibility Checker -
Edit Links in Files -



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