Standard Toolbar

This toolbar contains buttons to allow you to perform the basic operations such as opening and closing workbooks, moving and printing data.

alt text

alt textNew - Creates a new blank document based on the template.
alt textOpen - Displays the (File > Open) dialog box.
alt textSave - Saves the active document. Displays the (File > Save As) dialog box the first time a document is saved.
alt textPermission - (Added in 2003)
alt textE-mail - Emails the active workbook or active worksheet.
alt textSearch - (Removed in 2003). Finds files, Web pages, and Outlook items based on the search criteria you enter.
alt textPrint - Prints the active document.
alt textPrint Preview - Displays the (File > Print Preview) dialog box.
alt textSpelling and Grammar - Displays the (Tools > Spelling and Grammar) dialog box.
alt textResearch - (Added in 2003)
alt textCut - Cuts the current selection to the clipboard.
alt textCopy - Copies the current selection to the clipboard.
alt textPaste - Pastes the entry from the clipboard.
alt textFormat Painter - Copies the text format (not the line spacing) allowing it be pasted elsewhere.
alt textUndo - Undoes the last action you performed.
alt textRedo - Redoes the last action your performed.
alt textInsert Hyperlink - Displays the (Insert > Hyperlink) dialog box.
alt textTables and Borders - (Removed in 2007). Toggles the display of the Table and Borders toolbar.
alt textInsert Table - Inserts a table in the document with the number of columns and rows you specify.
alt textInsert Excel Worksheet - Inserts a new Microsoft Excel worksheet at the insertion point. Drag to select the number of rows and columns.
alt textColumns - Changes the number of columns in a document or a section of a document.
alt textDrawing - Toggles the display of the Drawing toolbar.
alt textDocument Map - Displays the document map for the active document.
alt textParagraph Formatting - (Removed in 2007). Toggles the display of all the non printing characters.
alt textZoom - Adjusts the size that the document appears on the screen.
alt textMicrosoft Word Help - Displays the (Help > Microsoft Word Help) dialog box.
alt textRead - (Added in 2003). Displays the Reading Layout view.

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