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This view provides a rich environment for working with your documents and replaces the Office menu from 2007 and the File drop-down from 2003.
It enables you to quickly save, print and share as well as giving you access to the application options (previously Word Options or Tools Options).
This view is displayed as the File Tab in your application.
To exit just click on a different tab.

File Tab / Backstage View
The button in the top left corner and the File tab replace the Office button from the 2007 version.
To exit click on any other tab
This new tab (sometimes referred to as Backstage View) lets you easily manage your files
The options on this tab include the following:
- Automatic print preview
- Easy access to document properties
- Quick access / manage permissions
- Version management
- Previews of online templates
- Access help
- Word Options
- General document options

This can be accessed from the File Tab and can be used to manage files and the data about the files, such as creating and saving files, inspecting for hidden metadata or personal information and setting file options.
The backstage view in each application uses a different colour scheme to differentiate it from the others. In Excel 2010, it is green.

Save -
Save As -
Open -
Close -


Displays information about your document and access features to help you manage permissions and versions

Protect Document -
Check for Issues -
Manage Versions -


Displays your list of recently opened (?) and saved documents
You can pin them to the list by clickin on the pushpin on the far right.

Recent Documents -
Recent Places -
Quickly access this number of Recent Documents -
Recover Unsaved Documents -


Access to templates or to a blank document.

Available Templates -
Blank Document -


Some of these options can be found on the Print Layout tab
includes a print preview and previous print dialog box controls.

Print -
Copies -
Printer -
Settings -

Save & Send

options for sending and sharing documents

Send Using E-mail -
Save to Web
Save to SharePoint
Publish as Blog Post
Change File Type
Create PDF/XPS Document


Application options and some useful resources.

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