Different Views

There are a number of different views
Normal View
Print Layout
Reading Layout
Web Layout
Outline View

When you are writing your document there are several layouts which you can work in.
You can change between layout using the (View) menu.

You can alternatively use the shortcut icons in the bottom left corner of the window.

Changing the View

You can't set a default for all documents that you view in Word, because the view setting is stored with each individual document as a document property.
You can save your document in the view with which you want it to open.
Documents that you receive from others will open with the view in which they were previously saved.

Document Map

Displays the document in two frames.
The left frame contains the headings you can use to navigate
The right frame contains the actual text
Useful when you want to move through a document quickly, checking headings and the correspnding sections.

Full Screen

Displays the editing window of your document in full screen view
without any toolbars, rulers
Useful for viewing th maximum workspace available on the screen.


In Word 2007, Options Advanced, Under General "Allow opening a document in Draft view" ??

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