Document Map

The Document Map (View > Document Map) will list all your headings in a separate window. To move around quickly just click on the relevant heading. Plus signs will appear if any sub headings are listed below the main heading. For this feature to work, you must use Word's default heading styles. Custom headings will not appear

(View > Document Map). This is a separate pane that shows an outline of the current documents headings. This is a very quick way to navigate around the document and keep track of your location in it. (also known as online layout view)
This displays a table of contents with hyperlinks in a separate window letting you move quickly to selected headings while remaining in Normal or Page Layout view.
Useful for documents over 12 pages containing formatted heading levels

Automatic page breaks are called soft breaks and are shown in Normal view as a dotted line. An inserted page break is called a hard break and the word "Page Break" appears in the middle of the line.
It is best to avoid using hard breaks in a long document as this need to be revised as the document changes.
It is not possible to remove soft breaks by highlighting and deleting they can only be removed by inserting hard breaks or adjusting the paragraph formatting.
Page breaks can also be controlled though the pagination section (Format > Paragraph)(Line and Page Break tab). There are four formatting options.

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