Page Layout

This view displays the page exactly as it will be printed.
This was changed from Page Layout view to Print Layout view in Word 2000.
This shows you how the document will look when it is printed.
The only view that displays everything.
Displays the document as it will appear in print, with text formatting, graphics, headers and footers, columns and all special elements.
Useful when you are proof reading a document and checking the design layout and text formatting before printing.
Link (Printing > Print Layout View)

All the white space at the top and the bottom of each page though is annoying. You can now remove this white space by moving the cursor to the top and when the tooltip "Hide White Space" and "Show White Space" buttons to appear.
This "Hide White Space" option is not saved when you close Word.

If your printed page does not look the same as the page in page layout view (especially the header and footer margins and sizes then check the paper (File > Page SetUp) is set to A4 and not letter

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