2017 March

The Data tab was changed significantly

2017 January - Power Query

New OLE DB Connector
Enhanced Combine Binaries experience when importing from any folder
Maximise/Restore buttons in the Navigation and Query Dependencies dialog boxes
Support for percentage data type
Improved "Function Authoring" experience
Improved performance for OData Connector

2016 November - Power Query

Enhanced Connectors - OData, Oracle, SAP Hana
Query Dependencies view from Query Editor
Query Editor ribbon support for scalar values
Add custom column based on function invocation
Expand and Aggregate columns provide support for "Load More" values
Convert table column to a list - new transformation
Select as you type in drop-down menus

2016 October - Power Query

Query parameters support
Enhanced Web Connector
Query Editor improvements

2016 September - Power Query

Enhanced CSV/Text Connector


//Get External Data
Online Search (?) -
From Web -
From File - Drop-Down contains the commands: From Excel, From CSV, From XML, From Text, From Folder
From Database - Drop-Down contains the commands: From SQL Server, From Windows Azure SQL, From Access Database, From Oracle, From IBM DB2 From Azure - (?)
From Other Souces - Drop-down contains the commands: From SharePoint List, From OData Data Feed, From Windows Azure Marketplace, Blank Query Recent Sources - (?)

//Excel Data
From Table - Create a new table that is linked to the selected Excel table or named range

Merge - Merge or join tables in the active workbook Append - Append two queries from this workbook

//Workbook Queries (called Managed Queries in beta) Show Pane (?) - Displays the "Workbook Queries" task pane (called Workbook in beta ?) Shared - removed Launch Editor (Added April 2015) - Launches the Query Editor application window

//Settings (called Machine Settings in beta) Workbook Settings - Data Source Settings - Displays the "Data Source Settings" dialog box Options - Displays the "Query Options" dialog box showing various options, including Workbook Settings such as Fast Combine and Locale.
Update - Install the latest version of Power Query

//Power BI (called Organisation in beta) Data Catalog Search - My Data Catalog Queries - Sign In -

Send Feedback -
Help -
About -

This has been upgraded to a new version. It has a new interface and improved algorithms. Better linear and non linear programming and optimization methods. Also available in 64 bit.
Handles all excel functions
improved interface
now available in 64 bit
new globalisation options

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