User FAQs

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1) When would you use the Goal Seek data analysis feature ?
This can be used to calculate an unknown value in a given formula.

2) When would you use the Scenario Manager data analysis feature ?
Lets you construct various different scenarios with your data and allows you to perform 'what if' analysis.

3) What is an Excel Data Table ?
Not to be confused with a regular table.
This is a type of What If data analysis that creates a table based on the impact of one (or two) variables in a formula.
They provide a way to calculate multiple variations and display and compare the results in a table layout.
There is even a calculation option called "Automatic except for data tables".

4) When is the Quick Analysis Smart Tag displayed ?
It is displayed everytime you select two or more adjacent cells.

5) What features can be found on the Quick Analysis Smart Tag ?
This smart tag provides quick access to 5 features:
Formatting, Charts, Totals, Tables, Sparklines

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