Built-in Constants


vbGeneralDate (0) 
vbLongDate (1)
vbShortDate (2)
vbLongTime (3)
vbShortTime (4)

This enumeration is used with the FORMATDATETIME


vbUseSystemDayOfWeek (0) 
vbSunday (1)
vbMonday (2)
vbTuesday (3)
vbWednesday (4)
vbThursday (5)
vbFriday (6)
vbSaturday (7)

This enumeration is used with the DATEDIFF, DATEPART, FORMAT, WEEKDAY and WEEKDAYNAME


vbUseSystem (0)       'The week specified in your system settings  
vbFirstJan1 (1) 'The week in which January 1 occurs
vbFirstFourDays (2) 'The first week that has at least four days in the new year
vbFirstFullWeek (3) 'The first full week of the year

This enumeration is used with the DATEDIFF, DATEPART and FORMAT


There is a property that can be used to change the calendar type.

VBA.Calendar = vbCalGreg    'this is the default  
VBA.Calendar = vbCalHijri

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