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msoAlertButtonTypeSpecifies the buttons to be displayed when issuing an alert to the user with the DoAlert method of the Assistant object.
msoAlertCancelTypeSpecifies behavior when the user cancels an alert. Only msoAlertCancelDefault is currently supported.
msoAlertDefaultTypeSpecifies which button is set as the default when calling the DoAlert method of the Assistant object.
msoAlertIconTypeSpecifies which icon, if any, to display with an alert.
msoAlignCmdSpecifies how to align specified objects relative to one another.
msoAnimationTypeSpecifies the animation action for the Office Assistant.
msoAppLanguageIDSpecifies a language setting in a Microsoft Office application.
msoArrowheadLengthSpecifies the length of the arrowhead at the end of a line.
msoArrowheadStyleSpecifies the style of the arrowhead at the end of a line.
msoArrowheadWidthSpecifies the width of the arrowhead at the end of a line.
msoAutomationSecuritySpecifies the security mode an application uses when programmatically opening files.
msoAutoShapeTypeSpecifies the shape type for an AutoShape object.
msoAutoSizeSpecifies the type of automatic sizing allowed.
msoBackgroundStyleIndexSpecifies the background style for an object.
msoBackstageGroupStyle(no mso prefix) (Added in 2010) Specifies how the backstage group should appear on the File tab in Office 2010.
msoBalloonButtonTypeIndicates which button the user clicked in a balloon.
msoBalloonErrorTypeSpecifies what error occurred in a balloon.
msoBalloonTypeSpecifies the type of label used in a balloon.
msoBarPositionSpecifies the position or behavior of a command bar.
msoBarProtectionSpecifies how a command bar is protected from user customization.
msoBarRowSpecifies whether a command bar is in the first row or last row relative to other command bars.
msoBarTypeSpecifies the type of the command bar.
msoBaselineAlignmentSpecifies the baseline text alignment.
msoBevelTypeSpecifies the bevel type of a ThreeDFormat object.
msoBlackWhiteModeSpecifies how a shape appears when viewed in black-and-white mode.
msoBlogCategorySupportSpecifies how many categories are supported by the provider.
msoBlogImageTypeSpecifies the type of blog image.
msoBroadcastCapabilities(Added in 2013) Specifies the application capabilities available for a document or presentation broadcasting session.
msoBroadcastState(Added in 2013) Specifies the current state of a document or presentation broadcast.
msoBulletTypeSpecifies the different types of bullets.
msoButtonSetTypeSpecifies the type of button to be displayed at the bottom of an Office Assistant balloon.
msoButtonStateSpecifies the appearance of a command bar button control.
msoButtonStyleSpecifies the style of a command bar button.
msoButtonStyleHidden(Hidden in 2007) Not to be used directly from code
msoCalloutAngleTypeSpecifies the size of the angle between the callout line and the side of the callout text box.
msoCalloutDropTypeSpecifies starting position of the callout line relative to the text bounding box.
msoCalloutTypeSpecifies the type of callout line.
msoCertificateDetail(no mso prefix) Specifies details about a digital certificate.
msoCertificateVerificationResults(no mso prefix) Specifies the results of verifying a digital certificate.
msoCharacterSetSpecifies the character set to be used when rendering text.
msoChartElementTypeSpecifies whether and how to display chart elements.
msoChartFieldType(Added in 2013) Specifies the type of data field to be inserted into a data label in a chart.
msoClipboardFormatSpecifies the format.
msoColorTypeSpecifies the color type.
msoComboStyleSpecifies whether the command bar combo box includes a label or not.
msoCommandBarButtonHyperlinkTypeSpecifies whether the command bar button is a hyperlink. If the command bar button is a hyperlink, further specifies whether the hyperlink should launch another application such as the browser or insert a picture at the active selection point.
msoCondition(Removed in 2013) (Hidden in 2007) Specifies the condition for comparison between a file and a specified property in a file search.
msoConnector(Removed in 2013) (Hidden in 2007) Specifies the connector between two similar property test values.
msoConnectorTypeSpecifies a type of connector.
msoContactCardAddressType(Added in 2010) Specifies the address type for a contact card.
msoContactCardStyle(Added in 2010) Specifies how the contact card is displayed.
msoContactCardType(Added in 2010) Specifies the contact card type.
msoContentVerificationResults(no mso prefix) Specifies whether the content of a document has changed.
msoControlOLEUsageSpecifies the OLE client and OLE server roles in which a command bar control is used when two Microsoft Office applications are merged.
msoControlTypeSpecifies the type of the command bar control.
msoCTPDockPositionSpecifies the docking behaviour of the custom task pane.
msoCTPDockPositionRestrictSpecifies the restrictions on the docking behaviour of the custom task pane.
msoCustomXMLNodeTypeSpecifies the type of the XML node.
msoCustomXMLValidationErrorTypeSpecifies how validation errors are cleared or generated.
msoDateTimeFormatSpecifies the format of a date/time data type.
msoDiagramNodeType(Removed in 2013) (Hidden in 2007) Specifies type of diagram node.
msoDiagramType(Removed in 2013) (Hidden in 2007) Specifies the type of diagram.
msoDistributeCmdSpecifies how to evenly distribute a collection of shapes.
msoDocInspectorStatusSpecifies the results from running a Document Inspector module.
msoDocPropertiesSpecifies the data type for a document property.
msoEditingTypeSpecifies the editing type of a node.
msoEncodingSpecifies the document encoding (code page or character set) for the Web browser to use when a user views a saved document.
msoEncryptionCipherMode(no mso prefix) Specifies the type of cipher mode.
msoEncryptionProviderDetail(no mso prefix) Specifies the encryption provider detail.
msoEnvelopeSpecifies constants used for sending documents as emails directly from Microsoft Office applications.
msoExtraInfoMethodSpecifies how to use the value specified in the ExtraInfo property of the FollowHyperlink method.
msoExtrusionColorTypeSpecifies whether the extrusion color is based on the extruded shape's fill (the front face of the extrusion) and automatically changes when the shape's fill changes, or whether the extrusion color is independent of the shape's fill.
msoFarEastLineBreakLanguageIDSpecifies the language to use to determine which line break level is used when the line break control option is turned on.
msoFeatureInstallSpecifies how the application handles calls to methods and properties that require features not yet installed.
msoFileDialogTypeSpecifies the type of a FileDialog object.
msoFileDialogViewSpecifies the view presented to the user in a file dialog box.
msoFileFindListBy(Mac Only) This enumeration applies to the Macintosh only and should not be used.
msoFileFindOptions(Mac Only) This enumeration applies to the Macintosh only and should not be used.
msoFileFindSortBy(Mac Only) This enumeration applies to the Macintosh only and should not be used.
msoFileFindView(Removed in 2013) (Hidden in 2007) Specifies view to use for a file find process.
msoFileNewActionSpecifies action to take when a user clicks an item in the task pane.
msoFileNewSectionSpecifies the task pane section to which to add a file or where the file reference exists.
msoFileType(Removed in 2013) (Hidden in 2007) Specifies a type of file.
msoFileValidationMode(Added in 2010) Specifies the file validation mode.
msoFillTypeSpecifies a shape's fill type.
msoFilterComparisonSpecifies how the Column and CompareTo properties are compared for an ODSOFilter object.
msoFilterConjunctionSpecifies how a filter criterion relates to other filter criteria.
msoFlipCmdSpecifies whether a shape should be flipped horizontally or vertically.
msoFontLanguageIndexSpecifies one of the three language fonts contained in the ThemeFonts collection.
msoGradientColorTypeSpecifies the type of gradient used in a shape's fill.
msoGradientStyleSpecifies the style for a gradient fill.
msoHorizontalAnchorSpecifies the horizontal alignment of text in a text frame.
msoHTMLProjectOpen(Removed in 2013) (Hidden in 2007) Specifies the view in which an HTML project or project item is opened.
msoHTMLProjectState(Removed in 2013) (Hidden in 2007) Specifies the current state of an HTMLProject object.
msoHyperlinkTypeSpecifies the type of hyperlink.
msoIconTypeSpecifies an icon type to show in a Balloon object.
msoIodGroup(Added in 2010) Specifies constants that define the IOD (install on demand) groups.
msoLanguageIDSpecifies which language to use.
msoLanguageIDHidden(Hidden in 2007) Not to be used directly from code
msoLastModified(Removed in 2013) (Hidden in 2007) Specifies the period of time to filter files by the date last modified. Used with the LastModified property of the FileSearch object.
msoLightRigTypeSpecifies the effects lighting for an object.
msoLineCapStyle(Added in 2013) Specifies the type of line cap.
msoLineDashStyleSpecifies the dash style for a line.
msoLineFillType(Added in 2013) Specifies the type of fill for a line.
msoLineJoinStyle(Added in 2013) Specifies the type of join where two lines connect.
msoLineStyleSpecifies the style for a line.
msoMailFormat(Added in 2016) (Removed in 2010) Specifies the mail format of an email message.
msoMenuAnimationSpecifies animation style for Microsoft Office command bars.
msoMergeCmd(Added in 2013) Specifies the output of a merge shapes operation.
msoMetaPropertyTypeSpecifies the metadata property type.
msoMixedTypeThis enumeration has been deprecated and should not be used.
msoModeTypeSpecifies the mode type for a Balloon object.
msoMoveRowThis enumeration has been deprecated and should not be used.
msoNumberedBulletStyleSpecifies numbered bullet styles.
msoOLEMenuGroupSpecifies the menu group that a command bar pop-up control belongs to when the menu groups of the OLE server are merged with the menu groups of an OLE client (that is, when an object of the container application type is embedded in another application).
msoOrgChartLayoutTypeSpecifies how to format the child nodes in an organization chart.
msoOrgChartOrientationSpecifies orientation of an organization chart.
msoOrientationSpecifies orientation of an object when it is displayed or printed.
msoParagraphAlignmentSpecifies paragraph alignment for a text block.
msoPathFormatSpecifies the format of a file or folder path.
msoPatternTypeSpecifies the fill pattern used in a shape.
msoPermissionSpecifies an Information Rights Management (IRM) permission type for a document.
msoPickerField(Added in 2010) Specifies contact-picker field types.
msoPictureColorTypeSpecifies the color transformation applied to a picture.
msoPictureCompress(Added in 2010) Specifies whether a picture will be compressed or not when inserted into a file.
msoPictureEffectType(Added in 2010) Specifies constants that define the types of picture effects.
msoPresetCameraSpecifies the effects camera type used by the specified object. the effects camera type used by the specified object.
msoPresetExtrusionDirectionSpecifies the direction that the extrusion's sweep path takes away from the extruded shape (the front face of the extrusion).
msoPresetGradientTypeSpecifies which predefined gradient to use to fill a shape.
msoPresetLightingDirectionSpecifies the location of lighting on an extruded (three-dimensional) shape relative to the shape.
msoPresetLightingSoftnessSpecifies the intensity of light used on a shape.
msoPresetMaterialSpecifies the extrusion surface material.
msoPresetTextEffectSpecifies what text effect to use on a WordArt object.
msoPresetTextEffectShapeSpecifies shape of WordArt text.
msoPresetTextureSpecifies texture to be used to fill a shape.
msoPresetThreeDFormatSpecifies an extrusion (three-dimensional) format.
msoRecolorType(Removed in 2013) (Added in 2010) Specifies the type of recolor to use when changing a color scheme
msoReflectionTypeSpecifies the type of the ReflectionFormat object.
msoRelativeNodePositionSpecifies where a node is added to a diagram relative to existing nodes.
msoRibbonControlSize(no mso prefix) Specifies the size of the ribbon control.
msoScaleFromSpecifies which part of the shape retains its position when the shape is scaled.
msoScreenSizeSpecifies the ideal screen resolution to be used to view a document in a Web browser.
msoScriptLanguage(Removed in 2013) (Hidden in 2007) Specifies scripting language of the active script.
msoScriptLocation(Removed in 2013) (Hidden in 2007) Specifies the location of the script anchor within a document.
msoSearchInSpecifies the area in which the Execute method of the FileSearch object searches for files.
msoSegmentTypeSpecifies the type for a segment.
msoShadowStyleSpecifies the type of shadowing effect.
msoShadowTypeSpecifies the type of shadow displayed with a shape.
msoShapeStyleIndexSpecifies the line and shape style.
msoShapeTypeSpecifies the type of a shape or range of shapes.
msoSharedWorkspaceTaskPrioritySpecifies the priority for a shared workspace task.
msoSharedWorkspaceTaskStatusSpecifies the status of a shared workspace task.
msoSignatureDetail(no mso prefix) Specifies additional information about a signtaure.
msoSignatureLineImage(no mso prefix) Specifies the signature line image.
msoSignatureProviderDetail(no mso prefix) Specifies properties of the signature provider.
msoSignatureSubsetSpecifies properties of the signature subset.
msoSignatureType(no mso prefix) Specifies properties of a signature.
msoSmartArtNodePosition(Added in 2010) Specifies constants that define the different ways to add a new node to the data model in SmartArt.
msoSmartArtNodeType(Added in 2010) Specifies constants that define the types of SmartArt nodes.
msoSoftEdgeTypeSpecifies the type of soft edge effect.
msoSortBy(Removed in 2007) Specifies sort order for files in a Application.FileSearch object's FoundFiles collection.
msoSortOrder(Removed in 2007) Specifies whether files in a Application.FileSearch object's FoundFiles collection should be sorted in ascending or descending order.
msoSyncAvailableType(Removed in 2013) (Hidden in 2007) Specifies whether and under what circumstances synchronization is available for the document.
msoSyncCompareType(Removed in 2013) (Hidden in 2007) Specifies how comparison between local copy and server copy should be done in a synchronization process.
msoSyncConflictResolutionTypeSpecifies how conflicts should be resolved when synchronizing a shared document.
msoSyncErrorTypeSpecifies a document synchronization error.
msoSyncEventTypeSpecifies the return value of a Sync event.
msoSyncStatusTypeSpecifies the status of the synchronization of the local copy of the active document with the server copy.
msoSyncVersionTypeSpecifies which version of a shared document to open alongside the currently open local version.
msoTabStopTypeSpecifies the type of tab stop.
msoTargetBrowserSpecifies target browser for documents viewed in a Web browser.
msoTextCapsSpecifies the capitalization of the text.
msoTextChangeCaseSpecifies the capitalization of text.
msoTextCharWrapSpecifies the type of text wrap.
msoTextDirectionSpecifies the direction that text runs.
msoTextEffectAlignmentSpecifies alignment for WordArt text.
msoTextFontAlignSpecifies the text alignment scheme used for an object.
msoTextOrientationSpecifies orientation for text.
msoTextStrikeSpecifies the number of times a character is printed to darken the image.
msoTextTabAlignSpecifies the text alignment against tab stops or line breaks.
msoTextUnderlineTypeSpecifies the type of underline for text.
msoTextureAlignmentSpecifies the alignment (the origin of the coordinate grid) for the tiling of the texture fill.
msoTextureTypeSpecifies the texture type for the selected fill.
msoThemeColorIndexSpecifies the Office theme color.
msoThemeColorSchemeIndexSpecifies the color scheme for an Office theme.
msoTriStateSpecifies a tri-state Boolean value.
msoVerticalAnchorSpecifies the vertical alignment of text in a text frame.
msoWarpFormatSpecifies various image warping formats.
msoWizardActTypeSpecifies the change to the Office Assistant Help session.
msoWizardMsgTypeSpecifies context under which a wizard's callback procedure is called.
msoZOrderCmdSpecifies where in the z-order a shape should be moved relative to other shapes.

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