Specifies the bevel type of a ThreeDFormat object.

msoBevelAngleSpecifies an Angle bevel (6)
msoBevelArtDecoSpecifies an ArtDeco bevel (13)
msoBevelCircleSpecifies a Circle bevel (3)
msoBevelConvexSpecifies a Convex bevel (8)
msoBevelCoolSlantSpecifies a CoolSlant bevel (9)
msoBevelCrossSpecifies a Cross bevel (5)
msoBevelDivotSpecifies a Divot bevel (10)
msoBevelHardEdgeSpecifies a HardEdge bevel (12)
msoBevelNoneSpecifies no bevel (1)
msoBevelRelaxedInsetSpecifies a RelaxedInset bevel (2)
msoBevelRibletSpecifies a Riblet bevel (11)
msoBevelSlopeSpecifies a Slope bevel (4)
msoBevelSoftRoundSpecifies a SoftRound bevel (7)
msoBevelTypeMixedSpecifies a mixed type bevel (-2)

* This enumeration was added in 2007.

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