Added in 2016

xlBinsTypeSpecifies the values passed to and returned from the ChartGroup.BinsType property.
xlForecastAggregationSpecifies the type of aggregation to use for the forecast.
xlForecastChartTypeSpecifies the type of chart displayed for the forecast.
xlForecastDataCompletionSpecifies how data is completed for the forecast.
xlParentDataLabelOptionsSpecifies the values passed to and returned from the Series.ParentDataLabelOption property.

Added in 2013

xlCalcMemNumberFormatTypeSpecifies the format of cell values that are based on the calculated member.
xlCategoryLabelLevelSpecifies the category labels for the category label levels.
xlFilterStatusSpecifies the status of the filter.
xlModelChangeSourceSpecifies the source of the change to the data model.
xlQuickAnalysisModeSpecifies which top level button the callout user interface is displayed.
xlSeriesNameLevelSpecifies the series labels for the series label levels.
xlSlicerCacheTypeSpecifies the cache type to be used in the slicer.
xlTimelineLevelSpecifies the time line to be used in the slicer.

Added in 2010

xlAllocationSpecifies when to calculate changes when performing what-if analysis on a Pivot Table based on an OLAP data source.
xlAllocationMethodSpecifies the method to use to allocate values when performing what-if analysis on a Pivot Table report based on an OLAP data source.
xlAllocationValueSpecifies what value to allocate when performing what-if analysis on a Pivot Table report based on an OLAP data source.
xlCellChangedStateSpecifies whether a Pivot Table value cell has been edited or recalculated since the Pivot Table report was created or the last commit operation was performed.
xlDataBarAxisPositionSpecifies the axis position for a range of cells with conditional formatting as data bars.
xlDataBarFillTypeSpecifies how a data bar is filled with color.
xlDataBarBorderTypeSpecifies the border of a data bar.
xlDataBarNegativeColorTypeSpecifies whether to use the same border and fill color as postive data bars.
xlFileValidationPivotModeSpecifies how to validate the data caches for Pivot Table reports.
xlIconSpecifies the icon for a criterion in an icon set conditional formatting rule.
xlOartHorizontalOverflowSpecifies the horizontal overflow setting for a text frame.
xlOartVerticalOverflowSpecifies the vertical overflow setting for a text frame.
xlPieSliceIndexSpecifies which position on the slice to return the coordinate of.
xlPieSliceLocationSpecifies the horizontal or vertical position of a point on a pie chart, in points, from the top or left edge of the object to the top or left edge of the chart area.
xlPivotFieldRepeatLabelsSpecifies whether to repeat all field item labels in a Pivot Table report.
xlPortugueseReformSpecifies the mode for checking the spelling of Portuguese.
xlProtectedViewCloseReasonSpecifies how the Protected View window was closed.
xlProtectedViewWindowStateSpecifies the state of the Protected View window.
xlSlicerCrossFilterTypeSpecifies the type of cross filtering used by the specified slicer cache and how it is visualized.
xlSlicerSortSpecifies whether items displayed in the slicer are sorted, and if they are sorted, whether they are sorted in ascending or descending order by item captions.
xlSpanishModesSpecifies the mode for checking the spelling of Spanish.
xlSparklineRowColSpecifies how to plot the sparkline when the data on which it is based is in a square-shaped range.
xlSparkScaleSpecifies how the minimum or maximum value of the vertical axis of the sparkline is scaled relative to other sparklines in the group.
xlSparkTypeSpecifies the type of sparkline.

Added in 2007

xlAboveBelowSpecifies if the values are above or below average.
xlActionTypeSpecifies the action that should be performed.
xlCalcForSpecifies what should be calculated.
xlChartElementPositionSpecifies the position of the chart element.
xlCheckInVersionTypeSpecifies the type of version for the document checked in when using the CheckIn method. Applies to workbooks stored in a SharePoint library.
xlConditionValueTypesSpecifies the types of condition values that can be used.
xlConnectionTypeSpecifies the type of database connection.
xlContainsOperatorSpecifies the operator used in a function.
xlCredentialsMethodSpecifies the type of credentials method used.
xlCubeFieldSubTypeSpecifies the subtype of the CubeField.
xlDupeUniqueSpecifies whether duplicate or unique values shoud be displayed.
xlDynamicFilterCriteriaSpecifies the filter criterion.
xlFilterAllDatesInPeriodSpecifies how dates should be filtered in the specified period.
xlFixedFormatQualitySpecifies the quality of speadsheets saved in different fixed formats.
xlFixedFormatTypeSpecifies the type of file format.
xlFormatFilterTypesSpecifies the types of format filters.
xlGenerateTableRefsSpecifies the type of table references.
xlGradientFillTypeSpecifies the type of gradient fill.
xlIconSetSpecifies the type of icon set.
xlLayoutRowTypeSpecifies the type of layout row.
xlLookForSpecifies what to look for in searches.
xlMeasurementUnitsSpecifies the measurement units.
xlPivotConditionScopeThis enumeration specifies the conditional formatting applied for filtering values from the Pivot Table object.
xlPivotFilterTypeThe type of filter applied.
xlPivotLineTypeSpecifies the type of the PivotLine.
xlPropertyDisplayedInSpecifies where to display the property.
xlRemoveDocInfoTypeSpecifies the type information to be removed from the document information.
xlRgbColorSpecifies the RGB color.
xlSortOnSpecifies the parameter on which the data should be sorted.
xlStdColorScaleSpecifies the standard color scale.
xlTableStyleElementTypeSpecifies the table style element used.
xlThemeColorSpecifies the theme color to be used.
xlThemeFontSpecifies the theme font to use.
xlThreadModeSpecifies the control over the multi-threaded calculation mode.
xlTimePeriodsSpecifies the time period.
xlTopBottomSpecifies the top 10 values from the top or bottom of a series of values.

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