Application.CalculationInterruptKeyReturns or sets a key that can interrupt Excel while its performing calculations.
Application.CallerReturns information about how a VBA subroutine or function was called.
Application.CursorReturns or sets the appearance of the mouse pointer.
Application.DisplayAlertsReturns or sets whether the system alert pop-up messages will be displayed.
Application.DisplayStatusBarReturns or sets whether the status bar is displayed.
Application.EnableCancelKeyReturns or sets how Excel handles (Ctrl + Break) interruptions while VBA code is running.
Application.EnableEventsReturns or sets whether events are enabled for the application.
Application.EvaluateA function that converts an object to its actual value.
Application.ExecuteExcel4MacroA function that runs an Excel 4.0 macro and returns the result.
Application.MacroOptionsA function that can define macro options and add UDFs to built-in or custom function categories.
Application.OnKeyA function that assigns a macro with a corresponding shortcut key.
Application.OnRepeatA function that defines a subroutine to run when the user chooses (Edit > Repeat).
Application.OnTimeA function that can schedule a subroutine to run at a particular time in the future.
Application.OnUndoA function that defines a subroutine to run when the user chooses (Edit > Undo).
Application.InteractiveReturns or sets whether Excel is in interactive mode.
Application.RunA function that lets you call a subroutine from a different project or file.
Application.StatusBarAllows text to be displayed on the left of the status bar.
Application.WaitA function that can pause a running macro until a particular time in the future.

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