2016Excel Add-ins command added to the Developer Tab
 COM Add-ins command added to the Developer Tab
 Application.WorksheetFunction.Forecast Hidden
 Window structure cannot be protected. Workbook.Protect method does not protect
 New Objects in 2016
 Removed Objects in 2016
2013New Objects in 2013
2010Macro recording for charts and shapes was switched back on
 Microsoft XML 5.0 is no longer supported and should be upgraded to MSXML 6.0
 VBA 7.0 replaces VB 6.0
 New Objects in 2010
2007Macro security defaults to disablying everything and showing a Message Bar
 VBA projects must contain at least one subroutine
 New Office Trust Center settings across all the applications
 Trusted Folders added
 Application.FileSearch removed
 Microsoft Script Editor removed
 New Objects in 2007
2003Macro On A Toolbar
 Macro On A Menu
 Changing The Button Image
 Visual Basic Toolbar
 Forms Toolbar
 Control Toolbox Toolbar
 Exit Design Mode Toolbar
 Easter Eggs

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