Visual Basic Toolbar

Removed in 2007
This toolbar is present in all the Microsoft Office applications and is often the quickest way to access the Visual Basic Editor.

Macros - Displays the (Tools > Macro > Macros) dialog box allowing you to run, edit, or delete macros.
Record New Macro - Displays the (Tools > Macro > Record New Macro) dialog box allowing you to record your keystrokes.
Security - Displays the (Tools > Macro > Security) dialog box allowing you to change your security settings.
Visual Basic Editor - Opens the Visual Basic Editor where you can write macros directly using VBA code.
Control Toolbox - Provides a menu bar of controls that can be added to your worksheets.
Design Mode - Toggles between Design mode and Run mode, allowing you to resize and edit controls.
Microsoft Script Editor - Opens the Microsoft Script Editor which can be used to edit HTML and should be used when writing VBScript.

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