Visual Basic Toolbar

Removed in 2007
This toolbar is present in all the Microsoft Office applications and is often the quickest way to access the Visual Basic Editor.

alt text

alt textMacros - Displays the (Tools > Macro > Macros) dialog box allowing you to run, edit, or delete macros.
alt textRecord New Macro - Displays the (Tools > Macro > Record New Macro) dialog box allowing you to record your keystrokes.
alt textSecurity - Displays the (Tools > Macro > Security) dialog box allowing you to change your security settings.
alt textVisual Basic Editor - Opens the Visual Basic Editor where you can write macros directly using VBA code.
alt textControl Toolbox - Provides a menu bar of controls that can be added to your worksheets.
alt textDesign Mode - Toggles between Design mode and Run mode, allowing you to resize and edit controls.
alt textMicrosoft Script Editor - Opens the Microsoft Script Editor which can be used to edit HTML and should be used when writing VBScript.

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