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1) What is an Enumeration ?
An Enumeration provides a way of grouping a collection of symbolic constants so they can be identified easily.
The underlying data type cannot be explicitly defined because all enumerations are defined with a Long data type.
An Enumeration is a value data type.

2) Can you define an Enumeration that contains three cities ?
If you do not specify any integer (Long) numbers, the first item will have a zero (0) value and subsequent items will be in sequential order.

Public Enum enMyCities1 
   London 'defaults to the value 0
   Tokyo 'defaults to the value 1
   Paris 'defaults to the value 2
End Enum

Public Enum enMyCities2
   London = 100
   Tokyo = 200
   Paris = 300
End Enum

3) Is it possible to return the string names instead of the numbers from an Enumeration ?
No. This can only be achieved by creating a function that matches the numerical values to their corresponding string names.

Public Function GetCityNames(ByVal enValue As enMyCities) As String 
   Select Case enValue
      Case enMyCities.London : GetCityNames = "London"
      Case enMyCities.Tokyo : GetCityNames = "Tokyo"
      Case enMyCities.Paris : GetCityNames = "Paris"
   End Select
End Function

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