Added in 2016

Added in 2013

wdContentControlAppearanceSpecifies the visualization for a content control.
wdContentControlLevelSpecifies the different levels that surround the content control
wdColumnWidthSpecifies the column width used in reading layout
wdPageColorSpecifies the background page colour used in reading mode
wdRevisionsMarkupSpecifies the extent of markup that is visible in the document
xlSeriesNameLevelSpecifies the series level constants passed to and returned by the Chart.SeriesNameLevel property
xlCategoryLabelLevelSpecifies the category label levels passed to and returned by the Chart.CategoryLabelLevel property

Added in 2010

wdApplyQuickStyleSetsSpecifies a Quick Style set to apply to the document.
wdCompatibilityModeSpecifies the compatibility mode that Word 2010 uses when opening a document.
wdLigaturesSpecifies the type of ligatures applied to a font.
wdLockTypeSpecifies the type of lock for a CoAuthLock object.
wdNumberFormSpecifies the number form setting for an OpenType font.
wdNumberSpacingSpecifies the number spacing setting for an OpenType font.
wdPortugueseReformSpecifies the mode for the Brazilian or European Portuguese spellers. Read/write.
wdProtectedViewCloseReasonSpecifies how the Protected View window was closed.
wdSpanishSpellerSpecifies the Spanish speller modes.
wdStylisticSetSpecifies the stylistic set to apply to the font.
wdUpdateStyleListBehaviorSpecifies the behavior Word 2010 should take when updating a style to match a selection that contains numbering or bullets.

Added in 2007

wdAlignmentTabAlignmentSpecifies tab alignment.
wdAlignmentTabRelativeSpecifies whether Microsoft Office Word calculates the alignment for a tab relative to the section margins or the paragraph indents.
wdBuildingBlockTypesSpecifies the type of building block.
wdCellColorSpecifies the color of highlighting for table cells that were added, deleted, or merged in the current document.
wdCheckInVersionTypeSpecifies the type of version for the document checked in when using the CheckIn method. Applies to documents stored in a SharePoint library.
wdCompareDestinationWhen comparing two files for differences, specifies whether to create a new file or mark the differences between the two documents in the original document or the revised document.
wdContentControlDateStorageFormatIndicates how the date for a date content control is stored or retrieved when the date control is bound to an XML node in the document's data store.
wdContentControlTypeIndicates the type of content control.
wdDocPartInsertOptionsSpecifies how a building block is inserted into a document.
wdExportCreateBookmarksSpecifies what bookmarks to include when exporting a document.
wdExportFormatSpecifies format to use for exporting a document.
wdExportItemSpecifies whether to export the document with markup.
wdExportOptimizeForSpecifies the resolution and quality of the exported document.
wdExportRangeSpecifies how much of the document to export.
wdFrenchSpellerIndicates which version of French to use when using the French language spelling checker dictionaries.
wdGranularitySpecifies the granularity of changes to track when comparing two documents.
wdMergeFormatFromSpecifies the document from which to retain formatting during a document compare function.
wdMoveFromTextMarkMarks the moved-from text when text in a document with tracked changes is moved from one place to another.
wdMoveToTextMarkMarks the moved-to text when text in a document with tracked changes is moved from one place to another.
wdOMathBreakBinSpecifies where Microsoft Office Word places binary operators when equations span two or more lines.
wdOMathBreakSubSpecifies how Microsoft Office Word handles a subtraction operator that falls before a line break.
wdOMathFracTypeSpecifies the type of fraction bar.
wdOMathFunctionTypeSpecifies the type of equation function.
wdOMathHorizAlignTypeSpecifies the horizontal alignment for an equation.
wdOMathJcSpecifies the default justification for equations.
wdOMathShapeTypeSpecifies the appearance of delimiters (parentheses, braces, brackets) in relationship to the content that they surround.
wdOMathSpacingRuleSpecifies spacing for an equation.
wdOMathTypeSpecifies the display format type of equation.
wdOMathVertAlignTypeSpecifies the vertical alignment of equations within the shape canvas or the line, for inline equations.
wdPasteOptionsIndicates how to paste copied text.
wdReadingLayoutMarginSpecifies whether margins are visible or hidden when a document is viewed in Full Screen Reading view.
wdRelativeHorizontalSizeSpecifies the relative width of a shape using the value specified in the WidthRelative property for a Shape or ShapeRange object.
wdRelativeVerticalSizeSpecifies the relative height of a shape using the value specified in the HeightRelative property for a Shape or ShapeRange object.
wdRemoveDocInfoTypeSpecifies the type of information to remove from a document.
wdShapePositionRelativeSpecifies whether the LeftRelative or TopRelative property for a Shape or ShapeRange object is valid.
wdShapeSizeRelativeSpecifies whether the WidthRelative or HeightRelative property for a Shape or ShapeRange object is valid.
wdShowSourceDocumentsSpecifies how to display source documents when two documents are compared using the Word Compare functions.
wdStyleSortIndicates how to sort styles in the Styles task pane.
wdTextboxTightWrapSpecifies how Microsoft Office Word tightly wraps text around text boxes.
wdThemeColorIndexSpecifies the theme colors for document themes.

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