(Added in 2007) Indicates the type of content control.

wdContentControlBuildingBlockGallerySpecifies a building block gallery content control (5)
wdContentControlCheckBox(Added in 2013) Specifies a checkbox content control (?)
wdContentControlComboBoxSpecifies a combo box content control (3)
wdContentControlDateSpecifies a date content control (6)
wdContentControlGroup Specifies a group content control (7)
wdContentControlDropdownListSpecifies a drop-down list content control (4)
wdContentControlPictureSpecifies a picture content control (2)
wdContentControlRichTextSpecifies a rich-text content control (0)
wdContentControlTextSpecifies a text content control (1)

* This enumeration was added in 2007.
* Use the wdContentControlType constants to create new content controls using the Add method of the ContentControls collection, or use it to determine the type of an existing content control or to change a content control to another type by using the Type property of the ContentControl object.

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