(Added in 2007) Specifies the type of information to remove from a document.

wdRDIAllRemoves all document information (99)
wdRDICommentsRemoves document comments (1)
wdRDIContentTypeRemoves content type information (16)
wdRDIDocumentManagementPolicyRemoves document management policy information (15)
wdRDIDocumentPropertiesRemoves document properties (8)
wdRDIDocumentServerPropertiesRemoves document server properties (14)
wdRDIDocumentWorkspaceRemoves document workspace information (10)
wdRDIEmailHeaderRemoves e-mail header information (5)
wdRDIInkAnnotTationsRemoves ink annotations (11)
wdRDIRemovePersonalInformationRemoves personal information (4)
wdRDIRevisionsRemoves revision marks (2)
wdRDIRoutingSlipRemoves routing slip information (6)
wdRDISendForReviewRemoves information stored when sending a document for review (7)
wdRDITemplateRemoves template information (9)
wdRDIVersionsRemoves document version information (3)

* This enumeration was added in 2007.
* Use this enumeration with the RemoveDocumentInformation method.

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