2016New Objects in 2016
 Removed Objects in 2016
 Table.AllowPageBreaks is always True. To achieve the same behavior, use the ParagraphFormat.KeepTogether Property and ParagraphFormat.KeepWithNext Property properties.
2013New Objects in 2013
2010New Objects in 2010
2007New Objects in 2007
 VBA has been upgraded to Visual Basic 7.0
 WLLs - Support for WLL's have been removed
 You can provide assurances as to the authenticity, integrity and origin of a document by adding an invisible digital signature.
 Microsoft Script Editor removed
 The following commands from the Form toolbar were not included: Form Field Options, Draw Table, Insert Table and Protect Form.
 The following commands from the Control Toolbox toolbar were not included: View Code.

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