Date and Time Functions

CDATEReturns the expression converted to a date data type (Date).
CVDATEReturns the expression converted to a date data type (Variant).
DATE - FunctionReturns the current system date (Date).
DATE - StatementDefines the current system date.
DATEADDReturns the date to which a specified time interval has been added (Date).
DATEDIFFReturns the number of time intervals between two specified dates (Long).
DATEPARTReturns the specified part of a given date (Integer).
DATESERIALReturns the date given a year, month and day (Date).
DATEVALUEReturns the date given a string representation of a date (Date).
DAYReturns the day from a given date (Integer).
FORMATDATETIMEReturns the expression formatted as a date or time (String).
HOURReturns the hour from a given time (Integer).
ISDATEReturns the value indicating if an expression is a date (Boolean).
MINUTEReturns the minute from a given time (Integer).
MONTHReturns the month from a given date (Integer).
MONTHNAMEReturns the month as a string (String).
NOWReturns the current system date and time (Date).
SECONDReturns the second from a given time (Integer).
TIME - FunctionReturns the current system time (Date).
TIME - StatementDefines the current system time.
TIMERReturns the number of seconds elapsed since midnight (Single).
TIMESERIALReturns the time for a specific hour, minute and second (Date).
TIMEVALUEReturns the time given a string representation of a time (Date).
WEEKDAYReturns the number representing the day of the week for a given date (Integer).
WEEKDAYNAMEReturns the day of the week as a string (String).
YEARReturns the year from a date (Integer).

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