out Arguments

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Passing Out

Very similar to reference parameters but with two main differences:
1) use the keyword "out"
2) the variable does not have to be assigned before the method is called
What about object types ?
Always ByRef regardless unless you manually clone / serialise the objects first in memory

The out parameter can be used to return the values in the same variable passed as a parameter of the method. Any changes made to the parameter will be reflected in the variable.

public class mathClass 
    public static int Mehod_TestOut(out int iVal1, out int iVal2)
        iVal1 = 10;
        iVal2 = 20;
        return 0;

    public static void Main()
        int i, j; // variable need not be initialized
        System.Console.WriteLine(Method_TestOut(out i, out j));

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