A project produces one type of output, either a dll, exe or another type of file(s).
When you look in the Solution Explorer task pane, projects are displayed in Bold.

What is a Project

Extensibility > Shared Add-in
Extensibility > Visual Studio Add-in (Visual Studio 2010)

He first created the application, published it with ClickOnce, then obfuscated the files and updated the manifests using the Mage tool. Using that procedure, he was able to publish the now obfuscated program via ClickOnce successfully.

Programs are organised into projects and solutions. A project os a group of related files. A solution is a group of projects that are combined to solve a developer's problem.

The title bar displays the name of the projects the prorgamming language, the mode of the IDE, the file being viewed and the mode of that file.

Visual Studio.Net supports two different interface modes for document windows: Multiple Document Interface (MDI) and Tabbed Documents. These can be changed from (Tools > Options)(General pane)

Certain menu items only appear in specific IDE modes

Project SaveAs

Visual Studio does not have the option to save a whole project to another location or folder

Clearing Recent Projects

Copy the following two lines into a file and save it with a .reg file extension
Then whenever you want to clear the list, just double click the file.

1) Can you describe how Garbage Collection works ?
The garbage collector automatically gets information about unreferenced objects from the .NET runtime environment and then invokes their Finalize method.


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