2D vector Graphics

This includes objects for drawing lines, polygons, ellipses and arcs with either solid or gradient filled brushes
Most of the objects for doing 2D vector graphics are in the System.Drawing and System.Drawing.Drawing2D namespaces.


This gathers objects for displaying and processing image formats such as bitmaps and icons.
include image stretching, conversion to and from the most common graphic formats and support for semitransparent regions by means of alpha blending.
These objects can be found in the System.Drawing.Imaging namespace.


Includes all the objects that are used to display text in a variety of forms, colours and styles
You can even activate anti-aliasing and special techniques for better text rendering on LCD screens such as PDAs.
These objects can be found in the System.Drawing.Text namespace.


Represents an ordered pair of floating point x and y coordinates that define a point in a 2D plane

new System.Drawing.PointF(0f, 2f) 

Windows GDI

This graphics device library allows applications to use and make changes to graphics and formatted text
Used for representing graphical objects and transmitting them to various output devices for example monitors and printers
It is responsible for tasks such as drawing lines, rendering fonts
Simple games not requiring fast graphics could use GDI

Windows GDI+

This resides in the System.Drawing.dll assembly
The GDI+ classes include Graphics, Pen, Brush, Rectangle

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