Operator Overloading

VB.Net does not support operator overloading
This permits user-defined operator implementations
You can redefine the function of most built-in operators globally or on a class by class basis
Overloaded operators are implemented as functions

class MyDate 
   private m_Day;
   private m_Month;
   private m_Year;

   bool operator == (const myDate mdate);
   bool operator != (const MyDate mdate);

bool MyDate :: operator==(const MyDate mdate)
   return !(this -> operator == (mdate));
bool MyDate :: operator!=(const MyDate mdate)
   return (MyDate.m_Day == this.m_Day) &&
             (MyDate.m_Month == this.m_Month) &&
             (MyDate.m_Year == this.m_Year);

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