Code Access Security Policy Tool

You can modify and change the security policy using the Code Access Security Policy Tool
This tool enables users and administrators to modify Security Policy for the following policy levels:
This is installed with the .NET Framework and with Visual Studio


32 bit - %windir% \Microsoft .NET\Framework\"version"\
64 bit - %windir% \Microsoft .NET\Framework 64\"version"\

Trust Assemblies Location

This is a property of a project node which only works during development.

The .NET Configuration Tool is not included with Visual Studio 2008 and has to be installed separately as part of the .NET 2.0 SDK.

Running the Tool

The best way to run this tool is from the VS Command Prompt.
how - location ???
Adds an assembly (that implements custom permissions or custom membership conditions) to the list of assemblies with full trust for a particular policy.
The assembly must be signed with a strong name first

capsol -user -addfulltrust assembly_file 
capsol -all -resolveperm assembly_file

caspol -user -remgroup 
caspol -all -listdescription
caspol -user -listgroups
caspol -user -remgroup 1.1

.NET Framework 4.0

Starting with .NET Framework 4.0, caspol.exe will have not effect ot code access security unless the <legacyCasPolicy> element is set to true


  • When you delete a code group that has child code groups these will also be removed

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