Removing Lists

Delete Method

Deletes the ListObject object and clears the cell data from the worksheet.
If the list is linked to a SharePoint site, deleting it does not affect data on the server that is running Windows SharePoint Services
Any uncommitted changes made to the local list are not sent to the SharePoint list.
There is no warning that these uncommitted changes are lost.


Unlink Method

Removes the link between the worksheet and the SharePoint server.
Returns Nothing


To reestablish the link you must delete the list and create it again.

Unlist Method

Convert the list to a regular range preserving the data.
After you use this method, the range of cells that made up the the list will be a regular range of data. Returns Nothing
Removes the list functionality from a ListObject object.
Running this method leaves the cell data, formatting, and formulas in the worksheet. The Total row is also left intact
This method removes any link to a Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services site. AutoFilter and the Insert row are also removed from the list.


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