User FAQs

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1) Can you describe the advantages of using a table rather than a named range ?
Columns can be referenced using column names in a Table but in a Named Range you have to use an index number.
Sorting and Filtering can be easily done using the drop-down menus in a Table but in a Named Range you have to use the Ribbon commands.
Row shading and totals can be quickly applied to tables.
Tables can contain calculated columns that will populate automatically.

2) What is the quickest way to create a table ?

3) What is the shortcut key for togglying the autofilter on a table ?
(Ctrl + Shift + L)

4) What are Structured References ?
These can be used in conjunction with tables.
When you create a table Excel automatically assigns a name to the table and to each column.
You can then use these names in your formulas instead of cell references.
The combination of table and column names is called a structured reference.

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