Control Identifiers

It can often be a challenge to work out the control IDs (or names) for all the built-in controls.
The (Options > Customise) tab can display the control ids for all the built-in controls.
To see a particular control id select the command and hold your cursor over the button in the list.
The control id is displayed on the tootip:

If you want to use one of the built-in icons but not the default functionality for a button you can set your controls imageMso attribute to be that same control ID.
This eliminates the need to find a controls faceid because the icon has the same name as the control (the control id).

You can download a list of all the control IDs from MSDN.
To help you find the ID of a particular control on any of the built-in tabs you can use the following references:
This workbook contains a list of all the control identifiers for the built-in commands

2013: Control Identifiers

2010: Control Identifiers -

2007: Control Identifiers -

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