The majority of the controls can have an image associated with them.
The choice of image and display style is controlled by the following attributes:

imageUsed when you want to provide a custom image
imageMsoUsed when you want to use one of the built-in icons
getImageUsed when you want to change a custom controls image while you application is running.
showImageControls whether an image is displayed or not
showItemImageControls whether an image is displayed for a dropDown, comboBox or gallery item.
sizenormal takes up 1 row
large takes up 3 rows.

Custom UI Editor - Built-in Images

Custom UI Editor - Custom Images

Images that are full-color (24 bit) that also have an alpha channel to control the transparency that are saved in .png format (Portable Network Graphic) work best.

NodePad - Custom Images

Dynamically - getImage Callback

A number of controls provide a getImage callback

Dynamically - loadImage Callback

This is dynamic as it happens at run-time

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