boxRepresents a collection of controls on a custom Ribbon.
buttonRepresents a button on a custom Ribbon.
buttonGroupRepresents a group of button controls on a Ribbon.
checkBoxRepresents a check box control on a Ribbon.
comboBoxRepresents a combo box on a custom Ribbon.
contextMenusRepresents a shortcut menu when you right mouse click.
controlRepresents a built-in control on a custom Ribbon.
dialogBoxLauncherRepresents the dialog box launcher in the bottom right corner of a group.
dropDownRepresents a list of items that a user can choose from and a list of Ribbon buttons that a user can click.
dynamicMenuRepresents a menu that can be populated with controls at run-time.
editBoxRepresents an edit box on a Ribbon.
galleryRepresents a control that displays a menu of RibbonDropDownItem objects and RibbonButton controls.
groupRepresents a group of controls on a Ribbon tab.
itemRepresents a static gallery, dropDown or comboBox item.
labelControlRepresents a label on a RibbonGroup or RibbonBox.
menuRepresents a menu on a Ribbon tab or on the Microsoft Office Menu.
menuSeparatorRepresents a separator control for a menu control.
separatorRepresents a separator control for a group on the Ribbon.
splitButtonA Ribbon control that combines a button or a toggle button and a drop-down menu.
toggleButtonRepresents a toggle button control on a Ribbon.

Container Controls

These are a specific subset of controls can contain other controls



<customUI xmlns=" ------- 
<button idQ="x:myButton"/>

By using a namespace this allows two different add-ins to add commands to the same custom group.
They need to refer to that custom group by its qualified name

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