Custom UI Editor - Custom Images

You can use the Custom UI Editor to embed custom images into a workbook file.
The best graphic format to use for custom images is PNG (portable network graphics) as it supports an alpha channel and results in small file sizes.
Images can be any size, although the following sizes are recommended: 16x16, 32x32

Create your custom Icon

Open MS Paint
Change the size to be 32x32 pixels.

alt text

Create your icon and save it with the filename "custom-image.png".
The filename is the unique ID of the image.

alt text

Add your custom Icon

Right click on the "customUI14" file and choose "Insert Icons".

alt text

Browse to your icon file.
Once you have found your "custom-image.png" file, press Open.
Expand the tree control to see your file added underneath the "customUI14" element.
A default ID is provided (defaults to the filename) but can be changed by right clicking on the icon.

alt text

Add the Ribbon XML

Copy and paste the xml tags below into the window

<customUI xmlns=""> 
  <ribbon startFromScratch="true">
      <tab id="CustomTab" label="My Tab">
        <group id="SimpleControls" label="My Group">
          <button id="Button1"
                  label="Custom Icon"

The tags will be formatted automatically once they have been pasted in.
Select (File > Save) and close the CustomUI Editor.
Open the Ribbon-Images.xlsm file.

alt text

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