SS - properties windows, when selecting a reference dll
Aliases - A comma delimited list of aliases applied to this reference.
Copy Local - Indicates whether the reference will be automatically copied to the "build output path" folder at runtime.
At run-time references must be either in the GAC or in the build output path of the project.
By default this is set to False for assemblies in the GAC and for framework components.
For all other references this is set to True by default.
Any dependencies that a reference has will also be copied to the build output path

Culture - The value of the culture field from the assembly metadata.
Description - The value of the Title field from the assembly metadata.
Embed Interop Types - Indicates whether types defined in this assembly will be extended into the target assembly. One limitation is that classes cannot be used once an assembly has been embedded. If you try to reference a class type from an Interop assembly which has this option set you will get a compilation error message
File Type - The file type of the reference. Either Assembly, ActiveX or Native Assembly.
Identity - Security identity of the referenced assembly (System.Reflection.Assembly or System.Security.Policy.Evidence)
Path - Location of the file being referenced
Resolved - Indicates whether the reference was successfully resolved.
Runtime version - Version of the .NET runtime this assembly was compiled against.
Specific version - Indicates whether this assembly can be resolved without regard to multi-targeting rules for assembly resolution. This is a build setting and not a deployment setting. It will just use the latest version of the assembly when it performs a build. At runtime the framework will still look for the specific version that was used at build time. If you want to update the version of a dependent dll this can be achieved using Publisher Policy.
Strong name - True indicates that the reference has been signed with a key-pair
Version - Version of the referenced.

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