Smart Tags Tab

Excel 2003

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Excel 2002

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Label data with smart tags - Whether to use the selected recognisers in the list below.
Recognisers - Lists the currently installed smart tags in terms of what they look for as you type. They currently include e-mail recipients and stock ticker symbols.
Check Workbook - Applies the selected recognisers to existing data in your workbook, allowing you to add smart tags to existing workbooks.
More Smart tags - Adds custom recognisers found on the Microsoft Office website
Show smart tags as - Displays smart tags: Indicator and Button, Button only, or None. Smart tags normally appear as a small triangle in the bottom right corner of a cell. An icon will appear when you hover over with the mouse.
Embed smart tags in workbook - Permanently attaches smart-tags to previously recognised data.

You can download additional ones from the Microsoft Office website:

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