User FAQs

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1) Are there any user options that are specific to add-ins ?
(Advanced tab, At start-up, open all files in) - This can be used as an alternative folder to the xlstart folder.
(Advanced, General, Show add-in user interface errors) - Error messages will be displayed when Excel starts if there are any errors.

2) Can I hold down Shift when Excel opens to stop add-ins loading ?
When you open a workbook you have the option to hold down the Shift key to prevent any startup macros from running.
Holding down the Shift key will not prevent add-ins loading (and running) when Excel is opened.
Any event handling procedures cannot be bypassed by using the Shift key.
It is not possible to bypass the automatic Workbook_Open() event by holding down the Shift key.
You can however open your Excel is safe mode to prevent all add-ins from loading.

3) An add-in is loading but I cannot find it ?
When searching for installed add-ins also check the 2 XL Start folders: machine folder and personal folder.

4) What are COM Add-ins ?
These are add-ins that are written using C#, VB.NET or other programming languages.

5) What are JavaScript Add-ins ?
Frequently referred to as Office Add-ins these are written using JavaScript or TypeScript.

6) What is the Power Query add-in ?
This is a Microsoft add-in that enhances the self-service Business Intelligence experience by simplifying data discovery, access and collaboration.
In Excel 2016 this was replaced with the built-in Get & Transform group on the Data tab.

7) What is PowerPivot ?
This is an add-in that provides an extension to the built-in pivot table functionality.

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