The list of add-ins that are available within Excel is updated every time Excel is closed.
Making changes to the Add-ins dialog box will not save any permanent changes. It will only install or uninstall add-ins on a temporary basis.
To make any permanent changes you must close Excel after you have made your changes.

Microsoft 365

These four add-ins have been available since Excel 2007.
Analysis-ToolPak - This provides additional worksheet functions and data analysis tools.
Analysis-ToolPak - VBA - This allows you to use the additional worksheet functions and data analysis tools directly from your Visual Basic code.
Euro Currency Tools - This allows conversions from the individual member currencies to Euros or to another member currency at the official prescribed exchange rates.
Solver Add-in - This can be used to help optimise a formula based on constraints of its precedent cells.

Excel 2013

Inquire - (COM Add-in). This helps you analyse and review your workbooks to understand their design, function and data dependencies.

Excel 2010

PowerPivot - (COM Add-in) This is a data analysis tool which provides an extension to Pivot Tables.

Excel 2007

Conditional Sum Wizard - This creates formula using the SUM and IF functions. This lets you quickly create formulas that are only calculated under specific conditions.
Internet Assistant VBA - Allows developers to publish Excel data to the web. When this add-in is installed an additional "Save as HTML" command appears on the (File) drop-down menu.
Lookup Wizard - This creates formula using the INDEX and MATCH functions. This makes the construction of lookup formulas easier and faster to illustrate how these are constructed.

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