Added in 2013 and removed in 2016
Also known as Spreadsheet Compare, Spreadsheet Inquire or Spreadsheet Management.
Was only available in Office 2013 Professional Plus and cannot be downloaded from the Microsoft website.
This add-in is no longer available for download from Microsoft.

Allows you to compare versions of a workbook, analyse a workbook for problems or inconsistencies or see links between workbooks or worksheets
It helps you analyze and review your workbooks to understand their design, function and data dependencies.
This can be used to identify formula erros and broken links.

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Workbook Analysis - Produces an interactive report showing structure, formula, cells and warnings. Creates a new workbook.
Workbook Relationship - Displays a graphical map of workbook dependencies to other files.
Worksheet Relationship - Displays a graphical map of worksheet dependencies to other sheets and workbooks.
Cell Relationship - Displays a graphical reprsentation of all the links to (and from) a particular cell.
Compare Files - Lets you compare two workbooks, even VBA code changes.
Clean Excess Cell Formatting - Removes any excess formatting which helps to reduce the file size.
Workbook Passwords - Lets you maintain a list of all passwords.
Help - Provides online help.

Installing the Add-in

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This add-in was the direct consequence of Microsoft's purchase of Prodiance in 2011.
Prodiance developed risk management tools to help audit and asses risk in spreadsheets.
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