Access Links

Removed in 2003
For use with Microsoft Access, creates forms and reports linked to data in Excel. Requires Microsoft Access to be installed on your PC.
The Access Links add-in requires Access to be installed.
The add-in is supplied with Excel 97 and 2000, but Excel 2002 users can download it from the Microsoft's Web site.

When installed it will add three additional buttons to the (Tools) drop-down menu.
When you activate this add-in, it adds three commands to the Data menu.
MS Access Form - Uses the Access form wizard to create a form. You can then use the form to enter data into an Excel list.
MS Access Report - Uses the Access report wizard to create a report based on the data in an Excel list.
Convert to MS Access - Launches a wizard which converts an Excel list to an Access table.

After creating a form or report, the relevant wizard will place a button in the worksheet.
You can use this to recall the form or report.
For the third command, the wizard adds a message to the worksheet to remind you that a copy of the data now resides in an Access database.
Of the three commands, the reporting option is probably the most useful.
If you want to enter data via a form, Excel's built-in Forms tool (on the Data menu) will be faster, although the Access version gives you more control over the layout.
For converting data, Access's import feature works just as well.

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