Internet Assistant VBA

Removed in 2010
The Internet Assistant VBA add-in allows users to publish Excel data to the web.
This add-in was called the Internet Assistant Wizard in Excel 97 with the file name html.xla
You can convert data in cells directly to HTML either a separate web file or into an existing web file.
To open the Internet Wizard select (File > Save as HTML)
Specify the ranges and charts in your workbook that you want to exprot as HTML.
You can also rearrange them to specify the order in which they will appear in your HTMl file.
If you want to include a range of cells that does not appear in the "Ranges and charts to convert" click Add
Specify whether you want to create an independent ready-to-use HTML file or if you want to insert the HTMl code into an existing HTMl file.

If you choose to create a new HTMl file then the following are options:
Description below header
Insert a horizontal line before workbook data
Insert a horizontal line after workbook data.
Last update date

If you choose to insert the workbook data into an existing HTML file then you are reminded that you must insert the following string into your existing HTML file

You can also specify the path to an existing HTML file.
You must have Frontpage installed on your PC in order to use this option.
Specify the code page format for your HTML file.
Whether you want to save as a HTML file or as a file in your FrontPage web
Click Finish to save your HTMl file.

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