Report Manager

Removed in 2002
In 2007 this add-in was no longer available for download from the Microsoft website.
In 2003 and 2002 it was provided as a separate download.
The add-in is supplied with Excel 97 and 2000.
You can combine worksheets, views, and scenarios into reports that can be printed by using the Report Manager add-in program.
Once you add a report, it is saved with the workbook so that you can print the report later.
This add-in is useful if you want to print multiple worksheets in one batch.
It lets you create a report which consists of a series of worksheets in a specified sequence.
You can't choose a print range within a sheet, but the report respects any page breaks and headers and footers already present.
The add-in also supports views and scenarios. The report can only be printed to paper - there is no preview feature.

Using the Report Manager

Select the Report Manager option from the View menu. Excel displays the Report Manager dialog box.
From the list of available reports, select the one you want to edit.
Click on the Edit button. Excel displays the Edit Report dialog box.
The only difference between this dialog box and the Add Report dialog box discussed in the last tip is that all of the fields are already filled in.
Make any changes you desire to the information in the dialog box.
You access the Report Manager from the View menu. The report parameters are saved with the workbook, and can be recalled and edited at any time.

Named Ranges - wrn

When you use this add-in a number of named ranges will be automatically created.
These are all prefixed with "wrn."

Paste Picture Link

Copy as Picture can be used to assemble the ranges onto a single worksheet.

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