Display the (Tools > Add-ins) dialog box.

Uninstall the Add-in

If the add-in you want to uninstall is in the list then uncheck the corresponding check box.
Press "OK" to uninstall the add-in.
If you remove an Add-in (i.e. clear the check box) the changes are not saved until you actually close Excel completely.
Before closing Excel check that any additional toolbars have also been removed. If not then you need to manually remove them using the (Tools > Customise) dialog box.

Remove the Add-in

The easiest way to permanently remove an unused add-in is to move the original (".xla") file when Excel is not open.
The next time you open Excel and press (Tools > Add-ins) you will be asked if you wish to remove the add-in.
This is important to remember if you want to replace an add-in with a more recent version.
All the users will have to either have Excel closed or have closed Excel since they have cleared the check box.

Cannot Remove your Add-ins

Select (Tools > Add-ins) to display the "Add-ins" dialog box.
There is no easy way to remove an add-in once you have finished with it.
The only way is to move (or delete) the file and then wait for a prompt.

Removing Registry Key Entries

Close Excel and open the Registry Editor
If the Excel add-in is currently loaded then it will appear in the following location:
This is updated when Excel closes.
Any add-ins that have been manually ticked by the user and removed from the Add-in Manager are added here.
It is quite common for installers to create a registry key in this location
Registry Keys

Startup Folders

Check the Startup Folders

Local Copy Folder

Check the Local Copy Folders

Persistent Add-in

When an add-in cannot be removed using the normal method here are a few things to try:
In Excel 2010 and 2007 the personal workbook has the file extension ".xlsb" ??


You cannot move an add-in if someone else has it installed on their computer. If the add-in is shared among several people then they all need to close Excel before the add-in can be renamed, moved or replaced.

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