Compatibility Checker

The compatibility checker is activated when you re-save an Excel 2007 file in the Excel 97-2003 file format.
This scans your workbook for features that are not supported by the earlier versions of Excel.
The Compatibility Checker identifies two types of compatibility issues: features that are retained but that function differently in earlier versions of Office Excel, and functions that are disabled in Compatibility Mode and that are not functional in earlier versions of Office Excel
When saving a file to the Excel 97-2003 file format, Excel will scan the file and display the following dialog box to help you make a decision about potential compatibility issues.
The compatibility checker can be run manually if you want to from (Office > Prepare > Run Compatibility Checker).
This dialog box will list the issues and the number of occurrences of each issue.

Copy to New Sheet - The workbook will not be saved and a new worksheet will be inserted displaying a compatibility report.
Continue - The workbook will be saved.
Cancel - This dialog box will be dismissed and the Save As dialog box will be displayed

Compatibility Checker for 2007 and 2010

You can quickly convert an old file format into the new file format by selecting (Office > Convert)
This option is only available when you are working in compatibility mode
SS - 2010
SS - 2007

The compatibility checker will also run automatically when a workbook is saved in the 97-2003 file formats to ensure that there are no features that cannot be supported. The compatibility checker will identify two types of issues:

  • Features that are retained but function differently

  • Features that will not function and have been disabled

The compatibility checker will list the issues and the number of occurrences of each issue identified and will provide additional help when necessary.

If you regularly share files with people who still use the older version of office you have two options

  • Save your files in the older format

  • Persuade your colleagues to install the compatibility pack for 2003

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