Publishing Folder Location - path to copy the setup files to (C:\inetpub\usefuladdin) website, ftp server or file path
Installation Path - end user path used for installation (UNC Path -
Prerequisities -
Updates - Displays the Customization Updates dialog box (SS)
The default is to check every seven days, but always change this to every time whilst in development
Updates are checked when an add-in or customisation is loaded
Updates are only checked when the add-in loads (ie when the application session starts)
If someone leaves there session open for a week then there will be no updates in that time

Options - Displays the Publish Options dialog box (SS)
Publish Version - deployment manifest version no
This version refers to the deployment manifest
This version is used to indicate if an update is available

Publish Now - This does not display the Publish Wizard
Change the publish location
The path can be either an http, URL or a local folder or an UNC (universal naming convention) path

Press Publish Now
This does not display the publish wizard.

Automatically increment revision with each release - Increases the revision number every time the solution is published

Installing on Development Machine

Before you try and run the install always clean your solution first
Before going back to development make sure the solution is completely uninstalled from Program Files
Before installing document-level solutions make sure the document designers within Visual Studio are closed

Installing via Internet

By default a test certificate is not sufficient to allow a solution to be installed from a website
If a real publisher certificate is used then you will see an installl prompt

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