Goto your project properties, Application tab, click on the Assembly Information button.

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This file appears in the "Properties" sub folder

Assembly Version

This is used by the .NET Framework during a build
This is used at runtime to locate, link and load assemblies
This is the version number that is used when you embed a reference to an assembly.

Edit the AssemblyInfo.cs file and change the build and revision numbers to asterisks

[assembly: AssemblyVersion ("1.0.*.*")] 
[assembly: AssemblyFileVersion ("1.0.*.*")]

File Version

Displayed in windows explorer
Never used by the .NET Frameowrk or at runtime.
This must be changed for an install to be installed over the top of an existing version

If you always want the file version to be the same as the assembly version you can open the AssemblyInfo.vb file and comment out the file version line
Assembly: AssemblyVersion("3.0.*)
'Assembly: AssemblyFileVersion("")

To see the contents of this file, select "Show All Files" button in your solution explorer

You can access it from (My Project > APplication > Assembly Info)

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