Client Troubleshooter

There are no equivalent tools for Office 2010 or later

AddInSpy - Office 2007 + Office 2003


This tool is unsupported

Downloads tab
download the zip - extract it to c:\program files\addinspy

Client Troubleshooter - Office 2007

This is also called VSTO Troubleshooter
This is part of the Power Tools
Installs to C:\Program Files\Microsoft VSTO Power Tools 1.0\VSTO Troubleshooter\VSTOTroubleshooter.exe

Client Troubleshooter - Office 2003

This tool has been created by the VSTO product support team and can be used to analyse a client's machine to determine if all the necessary software is installed to be able to run a deployed VSTO solution.
This can only be installed if you have Office 2003 installed

Microsoft Pss VSTO 2005 Client Troubleshooter Tool
Installs to: C:\Program Files\Microsoft Pss VSTO 2005 Client Troubleshooter\PSS VSTO2005 Tshooter.exe

This tool can be found by searching in the Microsoft Download Center.

If everything is installed correctly you will see all green (check marks) symbols across the top section
If there is any yellow then more information is provided below
Top section - details on the operating system and .NET version(s)
Middle section - details on the different Office products and the PIAs installed.
Bottom section - details on the VSTO runtime and PIAs installed via the redistributable MSI file

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