VSTO Power Tools

Not to be confused with Visual Studio Productivity Power Tools.

This collection included the Office Interop API Extensions designed specifically for C# developers.
This set of tools was designed to be used with Visual Studio 2008 / C# 3.0 / .NET Framework 3.5
This collection of tools only works with Visual Studio 2008 and Office 2007.

Download from Microsoft
Installs to: C:\Program Files\Microsoft VSTO Power Tools 1.0\

This installs:

VSTO_PTExtLibs.exeOffice Interop API Extensions (Visual Studio 2008 and above)
VSTO_PTRibbonIDs.exeRibbon IDs Tool Window (only Visual Studio 2008)
VSTO_PT.exeCollection of 6 programs, see below (only Visual Studio 2008)


Installs to: C:\Program Files\Microsoft VSTO Power Tools 1.0\Office Interop Extensions\ VSTO_PTExtLibs.exe
Office Interop API Extensions - This is a set of libraries that extend the Office object model. Please refer to Office Interop API Extensions.
Custom UI Manager


Installs to: C:\Program Files\Microsoft VSTO Power Tools 1.0\Ribbon IDs\ VSTO_PTRibbonIDs.exe
This was only available for Visual Studio 2008.
Ribbon IDs Tool Window - (Visual Studio Add-in) provides an additional tool window that displays all the reusable office images and their IDs.
If you are using the ribbon designer you can click on a button and paste it into the OfficeImageId property.
If you are using the ribbon.xml text file you can drag and drop.
Tools > ImageMsoWindow

Some Office images have multiple image sizes (16x16, 24x24, 32x32)
This tool renders all images in either 16x16 or 32x32 regardless of the images original size
There is also a simple search capability which will return a set of images where a string is found within the image ID string.


Installs to: ?? \ VSTO_PT.exe
This was only available for Visual Studio 2008.
VSTO 2008 Troubleshooter - A standalone GUI tool that can be used as a Client troubleshooter for Office 2007. For more details about client troubleshooter tools, please refer to Client Troubleshooter.
VSTO Developer Cleanup - A standalone GUI tool that will display all inclusion list entries, temporary certificates in the users personal store and all registry keys that contain the "|vstolocal" tag. The built-in Clean removes most of the output files from the target folder and most of the registry entries but not all of them. The VSTODeveloperCleanupTool.exe can be easily copied to another PC and double clicked although it does require Visual Studio 2008 to be installed.
Open XML Package Editor - (Visual Studio Add-in) This allows parsing and editing of any Office Open XML packaging file (including Excel, Word and PowerPoint documents). This is an easy treeview-based tool for adding, removing, importing, exporting Open XML files.
Office Custom UI Manager - A class library that contains a set of classes for coordinating multiple instances of Ribbon, custom task pane and custom form region objects.
Pipeline Verifier - A standalone GUI tool that reflects over custom pipeline assemblies to validate the complete VSTA pipeline.
SharePoint Workflow Package Generator - A console based tool for packaging SharePoint workflow projects so they can be deployed.
SharePoint Feature Sweeper - A standalone GUI tool that cleans up unwanted SharePoint features from a developers environment.

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